Terms of Use of the Queuebot chatbot application

ŠKODA AUTO a.s. issues the below Terms of Use; by using the Queuebot chatbot application you acknowledge the said terms and undertake to fully comply therewith.

1. Purpose and scope of validity

The Queubot chatbot application (hereinafter the "Application") is a product of ŠKODA AUTO a.s., the joint-stock company with its registered office at tř. Václava Klementa 869, Mladá Boleslav II, 293 01 Mladá Boleslav, ID: 00177041, registration court: Městský soud v Praze, B/332. The company ŠKODA AUTO a.s., being a part of Volkswagen Group, enables its customers (hereinafter the "Users") to utilise the available application content and functions under the present Terms of Use and generally binding legal regulations.

2. Limits of use

When using this Application, it is vital to comply with the relevant national transport regulations within the defined territorial scope of use thereof.

3. Changes in the Terms of Use and content of the Application

a. ŠKODA AUTO a.s. reserves the right to change the Terms of Use in a manner acceptable for the Users solely with the prospective effect. The Users shall be expressly notified of changes in the Terms of Use via the Application and shall be asked for consent to changes in the Terms of Use. The User shall always adhere to the effective version of the Terms of Use. 

b. ŠKODA AUTO a.s further reserves the right to expand or limit the content of the Application and the scope of services or to modify the functions thereof at any time. Namely owing to the rapid development of the Internet, it is necessary for ŠKODA AUTO a.s to adjust the Application on the ongoing basis as regards technical aspects as well as the content thereof. 

c. As the Application is offered to all the registered Users by ŠKODA AUTO a.s. free of charge whereas all the Users are provided with an equal standard of services and care, any further use of the Application by the User who has not granted his/her consent to the changes in the Terms of Use or changes implemented in the Application shall be inadmissible.

4. Unauthorised use; Terms of Use and third party rights

ŠKODA AUTO is the sole owner of the Application. Any changes, adaptions, amendments are possible only with the prior written consent from ŠKODA AUTO a.s.
When using the Application, namely the comment and evaluation section thereof, the User is obliged to respect the copyright, the rights for reputation and brand protection as well as other rights of ŠKODA AUTO a.s and third parties (especially personal rights, including the right to the protection of personal rights). The Users are prohibited from using the Application contrary to these Terms of Use or to the relevant provisions of generally binding legal regulations. The Users must refrain from any unauthorised use of the Application and in particular may not integrate the Application in whole or in part into any other Internet offers, whether private or commercial, nor use the Application commercially in any other manner.

This Application offers other functions provided by third parties to whom the Terms of Use for suppliers specified below apply. The Users can find these at the following Internet addresses:


ŠKODA AUTO a.s. is not the owner of the aforementioned Internet addresses of individual providers and thus shall not be held liable for the content thereon.

5. Links for possible violations of rights and unacceptable content

a. ŠKODA AUTO a.s respects any and all third party rights and the valid law. The Users of this Application are required to act in the same manner.

b. Should any User or any other person affected by the User's contribution draw the conclusion that the Application content infringes their rights, third party rights, these Terms of Use or the valid law, the same shall promptly request ŠKODA AUTO a.s. for information.

In this respect ŠKODA AUTO a.s. requests the following information to be provided:

Personal identification data of the individual suspected of unlawful use of the Application, description/marking of the concerned content as well as its location on the website.
If there is a suspicion of the contribution content of any of the Users harming the copyright, personal rights, or the right for trademark protection, it is essential to submit the following information where possible: Description of the alleged violation of rights, information on the location of the content concerned within the Application of ŠKODA AUTO a.s., an illustration and possibly proof of whom the right concerns and the full and correct name, address and contact details of the person submitting the information.

c. ŠKODA AUTO a.s reserves the right to temporarily block the contribution in question immediately upon receiving a communication pursuant to paragraph b) of this Section and to temporarily ban the offending User from any further use of the Application. Any further rights of Volkswagen Group and ŠKODA AUTO a.s., namely the possibility of applying available civil and criminal means in order to ensure the protection of their rights, or the rights of third parties remain unaffected by this procedure.

6. References

The Application or third parties may provide links to websites or other sources. ŠKODA AUTO a.s. as a part of Volkswagen Group is not the owner of the aforementioned Internet addresses of individual providers or other stated sources, and thus shall not be held liable for the content accessible therein.

7. Application operation and warranty exclusion

ŠKODA AUTO a.s. being a part of Volkswagen Group makes every effort to ensure problem-free operation and functioning of the Application. Nonetheless, ŠKODA AUTO a.s. cannot guarantee a problem-free operation of the Application and likewise it cannot guarantee the accessibility of the telecommunications network accommodating trouble-free data transfers.

8. Liability of ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

ŠKODA AUTO a.s. is liable for damage caused intentionally, or by serious negligence, and is responsible for anything that ŠKODA AUTO a.s. has expressly guaranteed. ŠKODA AUTO a.s. is responsible for negligence only in cases when the Application is provided for remuneration while and a substantial obligation is breached wherein the amount of pertinent claims compensating the damage arisen is in its total sum limited to foreseeable immediate damage. 

Any liability of ŠKODA AUTO a.s. for indirect damages (including loss of profit) is excluded. 

The same terms apply to the contributions uploaded or otherwise made accessible by the User, should their content violate the rights of third parties and ŠKODA AUTO a.s. is not informed about such state of affairs, and in case of enforcement of claim to damages no facts or circumstances are known from which such violation of rights of third parties are rising, or where ŠKODA AUTO a.s. as part of Volkswagen Group has taken active steps towards removing the unlawful content, or preventing access thereto immediately upon being notified of such state of affairs.

9. Confidentiality and personal data protection

ŠKODA AUTO a.s. collects, processes and uses the personal data of Users of the Application solely in accordance with the relevant generally binding legal regulations.

10. Final provisions, applicable law and jurisdiction

a. Use of the content of the Application and the Terms of Use are governed by the law of the Czech Republic with the exception of conflicting provisions. Application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is excluded.

b. The court having the jurisdiction for resolving any and all disputes is the court appointed in relevance to the address of seat of the headquarters of ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

(c) 2017 ŠKODA AUTO a.s.
All rights reserved.