Design that electrifies

ŠKODA’s dynamic design DNA runs through this concept, with sharp lines, sculpted shapes and crystalline touches continuing the emotional design philosophy. But because of electrification, the designers have taken advantage of the opportunities to apply some bold touches…

Note the smooth finish of the ‘Phantom’ grill, the sleek shoulder line (without wing mirrors), plus the illuminated badge and Crystal LED beams that cut across the grille and sides. These consist of real crystals hand-crafted by world-renowned Czech glassmaker, Lasvit.

All combine to represent a bold new expression of ŠKODA’s dynamic design language.

Design film: Driven by positive energy

Bringing the future into the present

The All-Electric ŠKODA VISION E is our vision of tomorrow’s mobility, today: smarter, cleaner and more efficient. We’ve always believed in embracing the future, in keep moving … but one thing remains the same: our commitment to keeping drivers and passengers the focus of everything we do.

Electric Performance

The VISION E’s MEB platform is a state-of-the-art electric mobility system – a first for ŠKODA – delivering optimum performance and efficiency.

Our most dynamic ŠKODA yet, the car contains a high capacity lithium ion battery pack that syncs with two magnet motors integrated parallel to the front and rear axles. This delivers high-performance adaptive all-wheel drive with instant acceleration and an impressive range of 500 km.

Space At a Premium

At ŠKODA, we pride ourselves at finding ingenious ways to maximise interior room. And thanks to the absence of a combustion engine and B-pillars, space is abundant for drivers and passengers.

Whichever swivel seat you take, the spacious feeling and comfort will be the same, accentuated by the flat wooden floor. We also know how much light affects mood. That’s why the interior lighting with crystal elements are designed to create an ambiance that will give you energy every time you drive.

A bold New World

A fully connected car with a host of on-demand functions, the VISION E will feel more like a mobile device on wheels. The customised interface, which stretches across the whole dashboard, allows for seamless interaction, augmented by eye-tracking, speech and gesture control.

Innovation designed to make life simpler, enables the car to monitor air quality inside and outside as well as your vital signs, such as body temperature, tiredness levels and heartbeat, at all times.

Put simply, this is the smartest ŠKODA, ever - your companion on the move.

Keep moving Autonomously

The Driver Assistant Systems ensure your ride is an exceptional one, and as ‘hands-on’ as you want it to be. Relax as the car shifts to autopilot on the motorway, monitoring traffic, setting the indicators, overtaking and changing lanes. And you can rest easy knowing that sensors in and around the car guarantee your safety at all times.

The VISION E is not only your driving companion but also your guide. For example, the Park Pilot system when activated will either park for you or offer to help you perfect your own parallel parking skills!

The future is here, and it’s full of positive energy.